Putting my insides in my outsides. November 8, 2020 Frankie Esposito

Investigating the boundary of the inner with the outer.

Rubbery, white, exterior — gelatinous? No, that’s not right. Certainly firm, also toothsome. Are we all just a little bit of our insides in our outsides? Piped with utmost care to assume a underwhelming, hunger-reducing form?

How do we know that the insides of humans aren’t just a bunch of potato mixed with sour cream, cheese, and topped with a dash of fancy paprika.

It's nearly impossible to answer this question -- but through a robust round of primary research, i was able to unearth information that will aid in debunking this age-old quandary.

My first resource was Melvin Timothy Hickenbocker, retired MD, active medium, friend to many, trusted spiritual healer to even more.

While I'm not able to publish the exact information yielded from this intimate interview with Melvin due to a very robust non-disclosure agreement, what I can say is this:

According to him the human body is:

*is there another word for that -- Ron, plz advise

Based on this theorem, I'm confident we should indeed be stuffing our insides, in our outsides. Like a hastily packed suitcase, filled to its brim at 2 A.M. after a rip-roaring night of buttery nipples and Kamikazes at the local watering hole.

Now you must be thinking-- Should we give more things the deviled egg treatment? To that question I must ask another question:

What if we took some sharkmeat, ground it up, and then put it back in it’s skin? Would that be good? Or would that just be a gelatinous nugget?