Pythagoras promoting vegetarianism Monday, May 2, 2022 Ron Alverson

he was afraid to eat beans

Maybe this is just me "on my bullshit" but I am astounded that Pythagoras (math guy) was himself a no-meater.

How in vogue was that? How outlandish a symbol? and at last, I discover, that I truly have no concept of when "BC" refers to (seems like a semantic misjudgement rather than my fault). Upon first glance at his wikipedia, I realized I couldn't understand any of that math shit but definitely know what's happening when you start to talk about beans and vegetables (big fan). He was a vegetarian. Wait, maybe I should try that again. He was a vegetarian! Hmpf! Hooty-Hoo! Hot potato! Woohoo! The old bat lived to be 75; considering his being born all of 2586 years ago I repeat as a fact I am astounded. You can help but wonder, was it because he was dreaming in pin prickling harmonoious geometry all day--or the vegetable thing (but no beans). Indeed I wonder, wonder, wonder.

All for now.

Ron A

 P.S. - Now Later
Because what are we all if not trifling, (though ever-twinkling) symbols participating in the unammendable, constant and confusing trajectory of all mankind, with or without beans. 

Nevermind evolution may well be a revolving door. Come Ye Faithful, the spiral moves upward!