The Ron Alverson Experience October 31, 2020 Ron Alverson

Meet Ron Alverson, the entity who maintains the Universe's only World Famous Local News source.

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. A couple of introductory comments seem appropriate. Well, for starters my name is Ron Alverson and I was born in 1948 in Ontario, Canada to Elaine and Paul Alverson. I had a fairly typical upbringing - aside from a skiing accident when I was seventeen which left me partially blind in one eye (can you guess which?). In 1971 I graduated from the University of British Columbia at Vancouver with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. In the years that followed I further explored my interests in Asiatic mysticism and healing and found myself at Leaf Hendrickson's experimental School of Ra near Lake St. Clair, Ontario. There I learned the awesome power of Awareness, made peace with myself and insights to last a lifetime. I also met my beautiful wife, Lily, at a farmer's market near Lake St. Clair. She was buying radishes and wearing yellow. The rest is history! In 1979 I made the best decision of my life and got married to her in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and never looked back. We lived there for a blissful fourtfeen years with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bingo, where I worked for a time as a rafting instructor on the River Isar and as part-time day trader. We relocated to the States in 1998 for reasons surrounding my health and Lily opened another physical therapy office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Presently, I'm without a home address, bank account, clothing or a 401-K. Some might say I'm an out of pocket man. If you need to reach me the only way is by e-mail, since my physical materials have been buried at the Schuerman Red Rock Cemetery in Sedona, Arizona since 2002 - the year I crossed over into the astral plane. Don't be scared, I don't bite. In 2002 I died of complications due to pancreatic cancer. God willing, I tethered myself to fate that I would get through it for Lily, for myself, for our life together. But I didn't. Life works out in ways you would never imagine. Luckily, my wife survived and takes care of our new dog, Lemon, and her business is still going great. As for me, and reasons I cannot go into now, I am caught in an ascended plane of the astral realm (don't worry, it's quite nice here) and have been allotted by the Infinite Creator the task of being the purveyor and webmaster of the Universe's only World Famous Local News source. Truthfully, I never fancied myself a publisher, or even a writer at that, but I believe there is a message which I am kept here to transmit. What that message is? Well, I suppose we'll find out sooner or later. And I'll be the first to admit, I'm totally clueless. All I have to offer to you now, dear visitors, is a warm welcome to World Famous Local News (dot) Net! A place of unrivaled, interdimensional discovery. Oh my! What great fortune of wandering has brought you here? :-)

As webmaster I will be making additions and improvements to this site continually, so bear with me as we chug through Beta! To stay up to date on my musings and developments, head on over to Ron Alveron 360, my blog portion of the website. Or catch up on some World Famous articles available via the homepage. And don't get shy on me now after I've just spilled my beans! Go on and sign our Guestbook!

Sending you great big globs o' love and light,

Ron Alverson
Web Master
World Famous Local News